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New York Electronic Security Association
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The first general meeting of the 

New York Electronic Security Association is a great success!!

On May 16th, 2002 the NYESA was proud to hold its first "general meeting". Held at the 3 West Club in NYC, the NYESA committee, along with more than 80 guests sat down to an evening that included a full dinner and many guest speakers.
The evening began with an opening statement by the NYESA president, Richard Cantor. Mr. Cantor explained what new and exciting benefits the NYESA and other organizations had to offer the Security Industry. Mr. Cantor spoke about our industries past as well as its future and, how each individual can be part of a greater voice in helping to maintain and expand the electronic security field. 
Throughout the evening, the NYESA was proud to feature many guest speakers. Robert L. Brugger, (Deputy Fire Commissioner for Fire Prevention, FDNY) and Zygmunt Staszewski, P.E. (ZS Engineering PC)
presented many extremely important facts and information regarding NICET as well as present and future requirements for NYC Fire. 
Daniel W. Budinoff, a representative of the NBFAA was on hand to inform, and help promote the benefits of NFBAA and the NYESA. He spoke about the seriousness of these associations and how important their roles are now and in the future.
The evenings keynote speaker was Joseph P. Freeman, Sc.D., (J.P. Freeman Co., Inc.).  Mr. Freeman spoke in detail about how the security industry has changed since the events of September 11th and how multi-sided the needs of the end user have become. CCTV, Access Control and remote video monitoring are now becoming the "norm" and the driving force in our industry.
The evening was complimented by a special award presented by Police Officer Thomas Clavin and Sgt. Stephen Carolan of the NYPD. This award was given  to RIchard Cantor. This Certificate of Appreciation was given in thanks to Mr. Kantor for his help during the tragedies of September 11th as well as for his time and dedication during the rescue and recovery that took place over the following few weeks.   Click here to view Letter of Appreciation
Thanks to all who attended and for showing their support for this new and rapidly growing association.

See you at the next NYESA meeting !!

Richard Cantor

 Robert L. Brugger & Zygmunt Staszewski

Joseph P. Freeman & Richard Cantor

Sgt. Stephen Carolan / P.O. Thomas Calvin 
Richard Cantor (shown center)