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New York Electronic Security Association
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Membership Categories


Regular Member Company
Qualification: must be a company whose primary business is selling, installing and/or maintaining electronic security systems for end users.

Dues:  $72.00/year

Associate Member - Company
For manufacturers, distributors, central stations and affiliated companies in the security field.

Dues:   $96.00/year

Individual Member
Must be a full time employee or a Regular Member Company, or of a municipal Police, Fire or public safety department, or an individual in private practice deriving greater than 50% of one's income from related security work.

Dues:   $24.00/year

Affiliated Corporate Membership

Dues:   $84.00/year

Reciprocal Company Membership

Dues:   $36.00/year

Regular Membership Includes:

Membership in the New York Electronic Security Association,
The New York Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, and
The National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association


Increased stature, exposure and professionalism. Greater profits. Improved employee loyalty and morale. Protection from unlicensed vendors. Regular member dues include memberships in NYESA (NY City Association) plus NYBFAA (NY State Association) plus NBFAA (National Association) with all attendant benefits. Discounts on equipment, services and training. Listing in all directories, Websites, Association library, Recognition, certificates, decals, lapel pins, shoulder patches. Lobbyists to fight for members interests in Congress and the State Assembly. Local advocacy with City Agencies. Community Representation. Newsletters. State certified training. Professional Support - legal, financial, accounting, give companies a voice, protection from harmful legislation and encroachment on our industry. Etc. Etc. Etc.!!!


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